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Juniper multicloud management software targets enterprise data centers

April 25, 2018

Via: NetworkWorld

Facing the reality that many enterprise data-center managers now work in a hybrid cloud environment, Juniper Networks is set to release Contrail Enterprise Multicloud, a software package designed to monitor and manage workloads and servers deployed across networking and cloud […]

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Five Ways to Turn Business Data into Business Insight

April 16, 2018

Via: ERP SoftwareBlog

When you’re running a business that’s growing, it can be hard to have a complete view of your financial picture and overall performance. As you grow and add customers, suppliers and product lines, you need access to the information that […]

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How can Microsoft Dynamics GP enable a better data platform?

April 6, 2018

Via: ERP SoftwareBlog

All organizations, no matter their size, need to understand what’s going on with their business data in order to get an accurate picture of how the company is performing. The reporting features you get from Microsoft Dynamics aren’t just for […]

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Accessing Data for Multiple Companies

March 30, 2018

Via: ERP SoftwareBlog

Have you ever had to compare data for several companies? That is usually not a problem to change the company you are currently attached to. You just double-click the company on the bottom of your current work space, and change […]

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What Customization Needs is your ERP System Missing?

January 22, 2018

Via: ERP SoftwareBlog

Modern business management technology is pretty amazing for the most part. Managing core business processes though powerful ERP systems, like Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll, instead of specialty software or paper-based systems, saves so much time and frustration. However, even with […]

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Data rights are the new IP rights

December 6, 2017

Via: Venture Beat

As more sophisticated resources for developers become widely available, copycat products can now be launched in a matter of hours. Software patents provided some limited protection, but feature wars rage on. Software without data is now a commodity. These pressures […]

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Your Data Is Biased, Here’s Why

December 5, 2017

Via: InformationWeek

Biased data can lead to bad decisions. Most business leaders aren’t aware of the problem just yet, but they need to be because they’re ultimately responsible. Bias is everywhere, including in your data. A little skew here and there may […]

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Safeguarding your data in the wake of disaster

September 11, 2017

Via: ERP SoftwareBlog

We join many others as we say that our hearts go out to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Many of our customers and partners have been experiencing the wrath of these two storms, and all of […]

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Big Data Will Improve Your ERP Software

September 8, 2017

Via: ERP News

Unless you’ve been living in the high Himalayas for the last 5 years, chances are you’d have at least heard about big data, and you’ve probably also wondered: How does big data affect you? Collecting data —lots of it— is […]

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4 online backup services keep your data safe

September 6, 2017

Via: Computer World

In the 15 years that I’ve been running a small company, I have survived several malware attacks. The only thing that kept me in business was a reliable backup of my data. When it comes to my data (if not […]