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General Motors Honors Ushr as Winner of Supplier Innovation Award

April 24, 2018

Via: Venture Beat

Ushr Inc., creator of high-definition (HD) mapping technology and software for autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, was named a GM Innovation Award winner during General Motors’ 26th annual Supplier of the Year awards ceremony held Friday, April 20 in Orlando, Florida. […]

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Contracting for Success with Chinese State-Owned Enterprises

April 3, 2018

Via: SupplyChain

Even after several decades of reform, state- owned enterprises (SOEs) in China continue to account for a significant portion of the Chinese economy. In fact, the central government, under President Xi Jinping, has made clear that the prominence and power […]

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Oracle’s Modern Supply Chain Experience Ends with Announcement of Office Depot Deal

February 2, 2018

Via: SupplyChain

Oracle ended its Modern Supply Chain Experience (MSCE) event in San Jose, CA by announcing that Office Depot, Inc. selected Oracle Cloud Applications to modernize its IT systems and transform its business processes to meet the demands of today’s digital […]

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Blockchain for Supply Chain – Breakthrough or Bust?

January 30, 2018

Via: ERP SoftwareBlog

Blockchain is getting its fair share of buzz lately. Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are stealing headlines with massive overnight gains in value. The risk/reward is exciting and capable of grabbing major headlines. But if you are like me, you are […]

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Design & Optimize, The Key to Supply Chain Success

May 9, 2017

Via: SupplyChain

New business models, like next day and same day delivery and omnichannel distribution, are forcing manufacturers and distributors to get closer to their customer than ever before. Given the high cost of a lost order due to being out of […]

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Supply Chain Management is Entering Its Era of Greatest Growth

May 4, 2017

Via: SupplyChain

There has been much written and said about where supply chain is headed with the advent and proliferation of new technologies and systems. I believe that supply chain management is just entering its era of greatest growth and contribution to […]

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Self-learning supply chains? The store of the future?

March 8, 2017

Via: NetworkWorld

A few years ago the term big data was quite hot.  But a comment someone made stays with me: Big data has arrived but big insights have not.  Therein lays the challenge.  I think that’s why data science and machine […]

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Transforming supply chains through the Internet of Things

February 16, 2017

Via: The ERP Channel

Gartner has identified that this is the year of the Internet of Things (IoT), labelling it one of the top technology trends of 2015. The IoT encompasses a network of physical objects, which contain fixed technology geared at bridging the […]

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U.S. intelligence to share supply chain threat reports with industry

December 23, 2016

Via: Computer World

The U.S. National Counterintelligence and Security Center will soon provide classified supply chain threat reports to critical U.S. telecommunications, energy and financial businesses. The effort is designed to reduce threats against a vast private supply chain of equipment and services […]

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Outsourcing the Indirect Supply Chain

December 16, 2016

Via: SupplyChain

Managing a high-volume tool crib operation that encompasses more than 7,500 unique part numbers is a top priority for Smith & Nephew’s Memphis manufacturing operations. A global research, development and manufacturing company of devices and products for the fields of […]