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Cloud benefits and how does it apply to PLM

September 1, 2017

Via: Beyond PLM

PLM vendors and industry is adopting cloud-based technologies. The process isn’t simple and brings many discussions about what differences cloud can bring to PLM solutions. Few months ago, I attended CIMdata industry and market forum in Ann Arbor. One of the […]

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Changing engineering software paradigms with data links

June 5, 2017

Via: Beyond PLM

Existing data management paradigms were formed for the last 20-30 years of software development in CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM, PLM and related products. There are many great products created during this time. However, one of the problems of current paradigm […]

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Manufacturing cloud and engineering applications

May 18, 2017

Via: Beyond PLM

Cloud is making its way into manufacturing industry. I’ve been watching this process for the last 5-7 years and I can clearly say that position of manufacturing companies is changing. From “there is no way we trust cloud applications”, manufacturing […]


Five ERP Blunders – Why They Are Important And How To Avoid Them

April 6, 2017

Via: ERP News

For some reason, we seem to have a morbid fascination with poorly conceived, poorly executed or otherwise disastrous ERP projects. High-visibility projects that involve market-leading ERP vendors and Fortune 500 companies make for the most tantalizing reading, particularly if they […]

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Minimizing the Costs of Your Manufacturing ERP Projects

April 5, 2017

Via: Custom Information Services

Manufacturing ERP project costs tend to rise quickly as you move toward implementation. For CFOs, this creates dilemmas in budgeting for these projects. The challenge typically comes back to finding ways to curtail costs before the process moves too far. […]

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4 Tips for Successful ERP Implementation at Your Manufacturing Company

February 20, 2017

Via: ERP News

Manufacturing is a constantly growing industry, shaping the country and providing millions of people with jobs around the country and the world. This means that manufacturing owners are looking for ways to streamline their processes, save money and boost efficiency. […]

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Your ERP Implementation Needs an In-House Champion

December 16, 2016

Via: CTSGuides

Even in our digital age, beginning to rely on information from the IoT (the Internet of Things), the success of an ERP implementation has much more to do with the people who run the project than it does with the […]

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Manufacturing Cloud ERP Enables One View – Including Mobile Users

September 16, 2016

Via: ERP News

Many manufacturers still grapple with the disconnected nature of the systems that run their business. To quickly respond to customer demands and make information-based decisions, everyone in the manufacturing enterprise needs access to ERP and production data—including those on mobile […]

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Finish your ERP Selection the Right Way

September 14, 2016

Via: CTSGuides

You’ve been pursuing your ERP Selection project methodically, and you are down to the finish line: Your team has finished its preliminary evaluation of multiple software packages. You have narrowed down the vendors in the preliminary search to two preferred […]

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ISM Says Manufacturing Stays the Course

August 2, 2016

Via: SupplyChain

Even with a slight decline from June, manufacturing growth remained intact in July to kick off the second half of 2016, according to the most recent edition of the Manufacturing Report on Business released today by the Institute for Supply […]